Welcome to the EpiGam Group

The field of epigenetics and chromatin dynamics has been developing exponentially over the last decade.
We propose to develop an innovative and ambitious research program that aims at elucidating chromatin organization and dynamics during male gamete differentiation.
We are using yeast sporulation as a powerful model for mammalian spermatogenesis.
We combine multi-dimensional approaches in genetic, biochemical, and proteomics.

Chromatin, Transcription and Epigenetics Club

Gathering scientists to spark off new projects!

The Grenoble scientific community has been demonstrating a growing interest in the field of chromatin dynamics, transcription regulation and epigenetics. Several meetings are organized each year, usually in spring, summer and fall.

Please visit the dedicated website: http://epigenetics.fr


New PhD fellowships available soon. Please apply if interested!

Members of the scientific organization of several upcoming meetings! (Paris, Grenoble)